• Bias
  • When Oppa Leaves for the Army

    reply 1997 sung shiwon

    image credit: dramabeans.com We’ve all seen those fangirls—the ones who send their oppars away to the army, the ones carrying the fansigns and bawling their eyes out as they listen to their bias greet them goodbye. We’ve seen how they cry as if it’s their own brother they’re sending away. I vowed not to be […]

  • Asian Pop
  • Christmas Through The Years With TVXQ

    Every December, there are two celebrations that always get me excited —Christmas and TVXQ’s anniversary! I’m also always looking forward to their holiday releases, because hey, who doesn’t like Christmas songs? Though they haven’t been releasing Christmas singles yearly, they have enough singles over the past eleven years (!!!) to complete a playlist. I know you’re […]

  • Asian Pop
  • Emoshinki Sunday

    It could have been a relatively boring sunday when I stupidly watched an old DBSK performance. All of a sudden, I’m being all emoshinki and clicking away on Youtube. Isn’t it wildly fascinating how one Youtube video can trigger all these suppressed emotions? I’m actually talking about this video: Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara Kiss Shita […]