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Who Are You: School 2015

Last watched episode: 6

Who Are You: School 2015 gets better with each episode, and I didn’t expect to love this Korean drama this much. The intrigue, the mystery, the relationships, and the character nuances make this high school drama interesting. It’s not as slice of life as School 2013, but it’s perfectly okay with me.

I just love Kim So-Hyun in this! For such a young age, she manages to portray two characters so differently. It’s not just the styling, but also with her acting. The little things such as posture and manner of speaking are so different for Go Eun-Byul and Go Eun-Bi. This actress will definitely go places!

As for my little OTP, Han YiAn has my heart. Gong Tae-Kwang is cute, but Han YiAn is my man lol. OMG. What am I supposed to do with this high school feels? I adored Nam Joo-Hyuk since I first saw him in Running Man, and I am loving him as Han YiAn. I’m pretty much hugging my pillow everytime he’s on screen! My heart breaks for him, and it beats for him, too. Heehee. I prefer boring, good boys over the weird and crazy ones. ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m not even sorry that I’m gushing this much.

Everytime the song Reset (by Tiger JK feat. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child) is played in his scenes, I die a little inside. It’s so breath-taking at times.

Speaking of Reset, I am loving the soundtrack! It perfectly encapsulates the pulsating rush of youth. The angst, the romance, the frustrations of what it feels like to be a teen—everything. The OST sounds rebellious at times, but it blends so well with the scenes.

It has been years (almost a decade now!) since I graduated from high school, but this drama somehow makes me relieve it all over again. Of course, I didn’t have a hidden twin nor did I experience bullying. All those Korean drama elements aside, the relationships and emotions in School 2015 feel very much real. While the drama focuses on Eun-Bi and her two boys, we still get to know the other students and what makes them tick. However, he mystery surrounding Eun-Byul and Eun-Bi makes this drama so intense!

We’re only on episode 6 and a lot of things—good and bad—can happen. It can go downhill from here, but I’m keeping my heads up and hoping that it manages to sustain the beat and rush till the very end. Thank ye, drama gods, for consistently churning out good dramas this year.


school 2015

  • Jane omg ngayon ko lang to nabasa! Gumagawa kasi ako ng post tungkol dito huhubels so many feels. Salamat sa inyo ni Alex. Naiiyak ako :’) HAHAHAHA DRAMA

  • At alam mo super weird kasi lagi akong inlab sa boring characters and all, yung alam kong hindi makakatuluyan ng bida (Rui / Lei = perfect example hahaha) pero GRABE. Nag-iba ba ko ng taste kasi mahal na mahal ko si Tae Kwang <3 WTH.

    • Janey

      Marianne! Kahit magkaiba tayo ng Team sa School (HAHHAHA), so happy kasi nanood ka ng Kdrama! Haha. Naisip ko nga nung isang araw, parang ngayon lang tayo hindi nagkapareho ng favorite sa isang series. Hihihihi. :P Bey ko pa rin ang boring characters. Haha!

      • Ang saya ko rin! Hahahaha. Oo nga e, napansin ko rin yun! :)) Actually nung start YiAn naman talaga ako, pero mga episode 5 onwards ata, parang nag-iba na. Siguro sobrang biased ko dahil kay SungJae na mismo, hindi na lang rin kay TaeKwang. Wahaha. Pag may mga school-related kdramas, sabihan mo ako! Mukhang eto ang mga type ko talaga hahaha. Tho ayoko na manood ~live~ nakakabaliw TT____TT HAHAHA.

        • Janey

          I blame the writers. :( Han Yian gets the girl, pero s’ya pa rin ang umuwing talunan. Haha. Ang lungkot nga kasi ang konti ng high school-related dramas! Mas marami atang Jdramas na set in high school? Oh well. Try mo Reply 1997, ‘yun lang naiisip ko na high school setting na nakakakilig. Reply 1998 okay din, pero college naman! :)

          • Truuue. Ang dating talaga sakin, parang, kinalimutan nila halos more than half ng show tas pampalubag-loob, binigay na lang sa kanya si Eun Bi, ganon??? Naiinis pa ko kasi sa last eps may chance SANA na maging friends sila ni TaeKwang bakit nila pinagdamot :(((((( HUHUHUHUHU edi sana parang Domyouji / Rui relationship na lang. Haha daming sinabi XD

            Anyway andami ko ngang nakitang Reply 1994/1997 daw. Sana naman wala nang love story kasi ayoko na. Chos. :))

  • I’m missing this drama so much! It’s Monday and I’m just sad that there’s no more to watch :/

    • Janey

      I understand. My Mondays and Tuesdays are a lot quieter now. :(

      • And I just loved everyone in it. Well, the evil bully I didn’t love, but I was really impressed with the actress.

        • Janey

          Kudos to the actress, tbh. She’s so amazing in her role. I hope she’s not getting hate in real life for being so vile in the drama!

          • Me too! Though probably. The Internet can be a rather hateful place T__T