Dramas Lately: Angry Mom, The Girl Who Sees Smells

the girl who sees smells park yoochun

Hello dear readers! I have been neglecting this blog, but don’t worry because I haven’t been neglecting watching my Asian movies and Korean dramas. Though there was a number of weeks that I wasn’t watching anything, I am happy to report that I am back to my regular programming. Haha. I just wish I have more time to write.

After I finished Healer, I had a hard time moving on to other dramas. I tried Persevere Goo Hae-Ra and Spy, but I stopped watching both. They aren’t bad, but I found it difficult to get hooked to anything after being so enamored with Ji Chang-Wook. Heh.

When I started a new job last month, I barely got time to watch dramas. But now that I have adjusted well to my schedule, I got the chance to sit down and give new dramas a chance.

Thankfully, I am happy with the two dramas I am watching right now. 2015 seems to be an awesome year for Korean dramas, because I’ve been watching a lot of good ones lately!

angry mom korean drama

Angry Mom

Last watched episode: 12

Angry Mom is different from everyone’s expectations, but they still delivered something worth watching. While everyone thought it would be a comedy, the first episodes were dark, complex, and incredibly good. It certainly wasn’t what I expected, but I’m not complaining.

Kim Hee-Sun’s portrayal of Jo Kang-Ja is surprisingly well. She’s kicking ass in this role! Though I have loved her in Faith, it’s my first time seeing her acting to be so raw and honest. There’s depth in her motherly love and devotion for Ah-Ran. She also manages to balance the comedy with the drama, with her fake student personality as Jo Bang-Wool. It’s weird how she has chemistry with everyone in this drama. I cannot choose a favorite pair!

I love Bang-Wool and Hang GongJu’s friendship and pseudo-mother and daughter relationship, and I definitely love Kang-Ja’s intense protectiveness over her daughter Ah-Ran. Her love-hate relationship with the noble teacher Park No-Ah is also adorable. And of course, who can resist Go Bok-Dong’s innocent crush on Bang-Wool?

Speaking of Bok-Dong, Ji Soo came out of nowhere and crushed and stole the hearts of noona fans everywhere. His nuanced and innocent Go Bok-Dong made everyone endear with his character. His portrayal of Go Bok-Dong has layers of complicated characterization. So instead of just a mean antagonist, Go Bok-Dong becomes the bully you’re praying will be saved. It’s probably all in the writing, but it helps that Ji Soo fits the role perfectly.

I have yet to watch the two newest episodes, but Angry Mom has yet to leave me disappointed. The editing always leaves me hanging and wanting to watch more. We’re more than halfway through the drama, and thankfully, they have managed to maintain the intensity and warmth from the first episode up to now.

the girl who sees smell

The Girl Who Sees Smells

Last watched episode: 8

Despite hearing only bad things about Shin Se-Kyung’s acting, I decided to watch The Girl Who Sees Smells because of my love for YooChun. And I am thankful I did because this drama has been making me so happy lately. Though it can get pretty intense and heavy with emotions, our charming duo make every episode a fun watch.

I have no idea how Shin Se-Kyung is in other dramas, but I adore her as Oh Cho-Rim. Her sunny and helpful personality is a great contrast to YooChun’s serious and no-nonsense Choi Moo-Gak. However, Moo-Gak has been showing his silly side in recent episodes, too. YooChun has constantly been improving as an actor and I cannot wait to see more from him.

Aside from YooChun and Shin Se-Kyung having an eclectic chemistry on-screen, I like the development of their love story. Though it’s honestly just a side story to the plot’s mystery, it makes the narrative an easy-to-digest fare.  It was easy for me to get hooked because there’s a quick plot development, mixed in with a number of crimes and slapstick comedy that’s actually funny.

I appreciate that the writer doesn’t drag on the progress of the Barcode murder case. We’re only on episode eight. Yet, I somehow feel like we’re already close to cracking the case. I’m not the biggest NamGoong Min fan,  but he’s honestly killing it with his role as Chef-nim.

Both Park Yoo-Chun and Shin Se-Kyung are in their element. There may be a murdering psycho involved, but I’m glad that the writers manage to mesh in the romantic comedy well into the story.

go bokdong ji soo

What dramas are you watching lately? Also, where can I get myself a Go Bok-Dong?