Monday Cutie: Kim Jae-Joong (김재중)

kim jae joong 2015

Kim Jae-Joong (김재중)

DOB: Jan. 26, 1986
Height: 180 cm
Known as: JYJ member,
Part of original 5-member TVXQ

Kim Jaejoong is my first KPOP crush, mostly because he’s my first TVXQ bias. I have always thought that he’s one of the most visually-pleasing artist in the KPOP world. After all, the term visual shock was supposedly coined because of him.

Having such an intriguing face, it’s hard to get past the looks and see Jaejoongie’s musicality. I definitely think he’s one of the best vocalists of Korea, being able to sing any genre with such grace and prowess. He’s my favorite vocalist in DBSK, prior to the split. Yes, I personally prefer his voice over Junsu’s. I find it incredibly soothing.

Jaejoong may seem cold and indifferent on the outside, but as I’ve been following his career closely for the past eleven years, I know that he’s not. Just watch any of his appearance in a variety show and you’ll know that he’s the biggest dork. Looking aloof, quiet and cold is all just an image, because he’s a sweetheart, though he can be attention-seeking at times. He seems to be constantly seeking validation, and I don’t really mind as a fan. If support is what he needs, then we’ll willingly give it to him.

With all this said, I am feeling sad knowing that he’ll be entering the army tomorrow. It’s just about time, but a fan is never prepared for the idol to leave the entertainment scene for 22 months. Once C-JeS officially announced his enlistment, I won’t even deny that I cried while watching his live performances on Youtube. It really felt like I’m suddenly too old for KPOP that the boys I grew up watching since my early teens are reaching their 30’s and entering the army. Soon, the other four boys from the original DBSK line-up will follow. Just thinking about it makes me teary-eyed. Haha!

But let’s not get all sappy. As a farewell present to my first KPOP crush, I featured him on this week’s Monday Cutie. I can’t believe that this blog has been up and running for a year and I didn’t feature him once! Mianhe, Jaejoong-ah.

Let’s proceed, shall we?

kim jaejoong 2015

Jaejoong looks s good in the calendar for Yokohama concert’s official goodies! (x)

jyj jaejoong harper's bazaar jaejoong harper's bazaar

I super love these photos from Harper’s Bazaar! I ❤ ❤ ❤ them!
(koreaboo + dream-lucifer-art)

jaejoong nylon march 2014

Jaejoong for Nylon (March, 2014)
Check out more fun photos here!

jaejoong pretty

Do I care that he’s wearing eyeliner in this photo? NO.

jaejoong www vampire jaejoong www

I believe that JaeJoong’s promo photos for his WWW album proved not just his vocal prowess and musicality,
but also how much he looks like a vampire! Also, how hot he can be, please. (x)

jaejoong 2012

He got a pretty strong eyebrow game going on. (x)

jaejoong one kiss album

Jaejoong in the cover of his first mini album One Kiss :) WWW is still my favorite album, though!

jaejoong elle magazine 2012 jaejoong 2012 elle

Jaejoong often looks like he stepped out of a manga.
Elle photoshoot really made him look like a manga prince I’m crying.

jaejoong marie claire

I prefer dark-haired Jaejoongie over light-haired Jaejoongie. Just saying! (x)

kim jaejoong smile

No matter how good he looks when brooding,
let’s not forget how cute he is when he smiles. :D (soompi)

And for your listening pleasure, listen to all the tracks of his album WWW. :D


Dear Joongie,

As you enter the army tomorrow, don’t feel too sad because your fans will definitely wait for your return. Two years can be pretty long, but rest assured that we’ll still be here once you come back. You’ve always been the “hero” of your fans, and now, you’ll be a strong soldier of Korea. We cannot be any prouder than this.

With lots of love (and tears), we pray for your safe and happy return. <3

jaejoong cute gif