Monday Cutie: Ji Chang-Wook (지창욱)


Ji Chang-Wook (지창욱)

DOB: July 5, 1987
Height: 182 cm
Known for: Smile Again,
Warrior Baek Dong-Soo, Empress Ki, Healer

Before Healer, I didn’t really know Ji Chang-Wook. He’s familiar but before that drama, I didn’t really pay him much notice. But if you think about it, I should have jumped into watching all his shows for the sole reason that he looks like ChangMin. So I wonder why I never did until Healer.

I still don’t know until when this Ji Chang-Wook love will last, since I haven’t seem him in anything else. But this love may be new, but it’s already pretty intense. HAHAHAHA. I love him as Seo Jung-Hoo/Park Bong-Soo/Healer, and these photos made me love him as Ji Chang-Wook.

From the very first episode of Healer, it was instant love because he’s not only a cross between ChangMin and Jaejoong, but he’s also a really fine actor. His intensity on screen and the fact that he doesn’t lose his charm in the presence of the amazing Yoo Ji-Tae is beyond admirable. Also, there are times when he looks like Lee Min-Ho and Choi Jin-Hyuk. Haha!

Even though Ji Chang-Wook resembles a bunch of Korean stars, he shines just as bright as them.

I was putting off this Monday Cutie feature because I was waiting for more Ji Chang-Wook photoshoots to come out. But I cannot wait for too long, because these photos are already too hard to resist! Besides, I can always do a part two. *wink wink*

ji-changwook-sure-magazine-2013 ji-changwook-sure-magazine-2013-2

This is from a spread in 2013 before he became Healer-sshi and catapulted to international stardom.
He looks about three years younger! (source:


Another one from the set of photos from Kwave. I love this!!!


It’s not just in this GQ photoshoot, but in 80% of his photos, he’s touching his face.
t’s driving me a bit crazy because it uhm, looks hot. (source:

ji-changwook-bnt-magazine ji-changwook-bnt-magazine-2 ji-changwook-bnt

The bnt photoshoot delivered some of the best Ji Chang-Wook photos like seriously!!
(souce: jichangwookkitchen +


It’s a tad too edited, but his beauty still shines through. Hehehehe.



The above two photos are my favorite from the bunch because it’s not edited *too* much.



YES PLEASE. See? Minimal makeup and only a touch of editing
make him look 10 times handsomer! That’s not a word? Do I care? (No.)
(source: couchkimchi)

ji-changwook-ceci-magazine ji-changwook-ceci-magazine-2

I love this CeCi photos, too! The laidback concept is very cute. He looks more relaxed and natural.
Not that wearing polka dots shoes is natural, but ya know?

ji-changwook-ad-hoc ji-changwook-ad-hoc-2 ji-changwook-ad-hoc

Thank ye, drama gods, for these AD HOC photos! Hooray for winter clothes!
(source: +


This has to be THE Ji Chang-Wook picture. Idk, but it’s definitely the most memorable for me,
even before I jumped into the Healer bandwagon.

ji-changwook-instagram ji-changwook-instagram-2 ji-chang-wook-instagram ji-changwook-instagram-3

He posts an awful lot of selfies on Instagram, and I’m definitely not complaining!
Follow him, quick! @jichangwook

 I have yet to watch his guesting on Running Man, but hopefully I can get around to watching it this week. I’m also looking into his other shows, but I don’t think I can commit myself to a 52-episode-long weekend dramas! But for the love of everything Park Bong-Soo, I might actually try.

Who should I feature next on Monday Cutie? :)

  • Hira

    He’s so hot! And you’re right, he does seem like a mixture of all those people! I haven’t seen Healer yet (College!!!! T_T) but I’ve heard great stuff about it so it’s high on my TBW list. I just know I’m going to fall in love with him! Thank you for the awesome Monday Cutie post and for making my Monday better! :D

    • Janey

      Oh Hira! I wish you can finally have some free time watch Healer. It’s seriously so gooooooood! :) Hehehehe no problem. It’s my pleasure to spam you guys with cute pictures of handsome Korean men. :D

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