Monday Cutie: Lee Jin-Wook (이진욱)

lee jin-wook cute

Lee Jin-Wook (이진욱)

DOB: September 16, 1981
Height: 183 cm
Known for: I Need Romance 2, Nine,
Three Musketeers, Miss Granny

How cute is Lee Jin-Wook? V e r y.

I first saw him in Miss Granny where he played the very charming PD-nim. When he smiles, it’s like the sun shines from his face. I cannot think of a more refreshing face! I wish I’m exaggerating, but I’m not.

I had heard of him countless of time, mostly from his past relationship with Gong Hyo-Jin. However, I hadn’t seen his dramas, though I’ve wanted to see Nine: Nine Times Time Travel for the longest time. Only when I sat down to marathon Three Musketeers did I fully appreciate this good-looking namja!

Honestly, I watched Three Musketeers for Jung Yong-Hwa, but I walked away giggling and all happy because of Lee Jin-Wook. It was only then did I understand what K-netz say that actors/actresses have a distinct look from idols. Though I’m Yong-biased, my eyes couldn’t help but gravitate towards the Crown Prince, whom Lee Jin-Wook played in the drama. He has this aura that commands attention, even though he’s just standing there looking all majestic.

This might be one of the easiest Monday Cutie I have done in the longest time. He has tons of photoshoots and advertorials where he looks so damn good every damn time. I’m floored at how he looks so flawless in every shoot. Did he start out as a model? He projects really well!

lee jin wook hot

Thank you TNGT for giving us some of the best Lee Jin-Wook photos ever.
The first one is from TNGT, too!

scruffy lee jin-wook lee jin-wook gentleman magazine

Scruffy Lee Jin-Wook for Gentleman (July, 2014)!
Me likey! (couch-kimchi)

lee jin-wook 1st look

Dear 1st Look, thank you for consistently giving us perfect photoshoots of stars!

lee jin-wook allure 2013

Looking dashing for Allure! (soompi)

lee jin-wook magazine

He looks young-ish in this one, don’t you think?

lee jin-wook photoshoot 2

Yep, still cute!

lee jin-wook geek magazine

For Geek magazine!
Click for more juicy shots like this one.

lee jin-wook photoshoot

Another one from TNGT! He looks dashing in a suit.
I must say this entire set is glorious.

lee jin-wook grazia

He’s incredibly playful in Grazia spread! :)

lee jin-wook's harper bazaar magazine

For Harper’s Bazaar Korea! (couch-kimchi)

lee jin-wook tngt 2014 2 lee jin-wook tngt 2014

A preview of his gorgeous smile that I will flood you with in the next photos! :)

Lee Jin-wook L’Officiel Hommes magazine

The smile that stole my heart in Miss Granny! T____T
It’s for L’Officiel Hommes October 2013 issue.

lee jin-wook smile magazine

This one’s also for Geek magazine.

lee jin-wook smile LG 2014

Aaaaaand of course, I have to end this post with the picture that I love the most! I don’t know why I like it so much. It’s the photo I used in this list, because he looks so cute in it!

Lee Jin-Wook possess this manly charm which shows both in his acting and his photos. Then he breaks into a smile and all that manliness goes to the sideline to welcome a playful, boyish appeal. It’s incredibly frustrating. But it’s the good kind of frustrating, you know?

I believe I made the right choice for my Monday Cutie comeback. :)