Monday Cutie: SeoHyun (서현)

seohyun holiday photobook

SeoHyun (서현)

Real name: Seo Joo-hyun (서주현)
DOB: June 28, 1991
Height: 168 cm
Known as: SNSD’s maknae, Goguma lover

My admiration for SeoHyun started with We Got Married. Prior to watching her stint on WGM, I knew next to nothing about SNSD. I can’t remember if I knew her by name, but I sure couldn’t recite the names of the nine members that time. But after 50+ episodes of obsessing over the Goguma Couple, I emerged loving the maknae of Asia’s arguably most popular girl group.

It’s easy to see why many people think SeoHyun is too boring and too prim and proper to be an idol. After all, she’s not one to resort to antics when appearing in variety shows. She answers interview questions earnestly and honestly. She’s not as funny and as entertaining as many idols, but she has personality. She stands strong in her conviction, and she’s as genuine as celebrities can get. The aspects that people don’t like about her are the same ones that endeared her to me.

She recently graduated from Dongguk University, shaming everyone else including me. The amount of dedication she puts in her work is awe-inspiring. She graduates from college on time, while balancing her work in SNSD and its sub-group TaeTiSeo, appearing in a drama, voice acting in some movies, acting in a musical, and being an angel who graces this earth with her perfection. How she managed to excel in school while being a hallyu star makes one wonder the bounds these girl can exceed. She’s only 23 and I have no doubt that she’ll be achieving greater things in the future. Numerous organizations have chosen her to be an ambassador, too! She has worked directly with UN and already met her idol UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon. Hehehe.

SeoHyun seems to be the kind of girl every mother wants their child to be friends with (for girls) or to marry (for boys). It doesn’t help that she carries herself in a way that you’d think she’s the daughter of a CEO. She sets quite amazing standards that it’s easy to love her and aspire to be as hard-working as she is. I am actually a year older but I feel like I have quite a lot to learn from her.

I went a bit crazy with the photos because she’s so gorgeous and SNSD has tons of pictorial. LOL.

seohyun pretty

seohyun cutieSEOBABY!

seohyun passionate love

Can she be any more flawless? (x)

goddess seohyun

Sorry, but I really can’t see her as anything but a goddess. She’s so pretty here.
This one and the first photo are from the Holiday Photobook. (‘∀’●)♡

seohyun abs i got a boy teaser

SEOBABY SLAYING ITseohyun ceci with tvxq

SeoHyun’s photoshoot with TVXQ for Ceci!
They’re supposed to be vampires, I think.

seohyun 1st look magazine

SeoHyun looking gorgeous.
She looks great in this 1st Look shoot!

seohyun vogue girl

Omo! Seo JooHyun looking so fierce :OOOO (Vogue Girl)


Looking like a princess for The Musical’s magazine

seohyun nylon

SeoHyun’s fun pictorial for Nylon with HyoYeon!

seohyun taetiseo twinkle

SeoHyun in Twinkle! I honestly think she’s gorgeous during the Taetiseo era :)

seohyun taetiseo

Another one from  Twinkle phase! SO CUTE TAT

taetiseo-seohyun-fansign-2 taetiseo-seohyun-fansign-7

SeoHyun blessing us all with her beauty and grace
(TaeTiSeo fan sign event)


SeoHyun blinding me with her perfection (more perfection)

seohyun for vogue 2014

 SeoHyun looks like royalty. How does she do it? T_T

seohyun mr mr polaroid photosPart of Mr Mr Polaroid Set :)

I cannot wait for greater things from SeoHyun. For someone as young as she is, she seems to have a pretty clear idea what to achieve in her life and how she’s gonna do it. I see a lot of amazing stuff in her future. I won’t be surprised if she’ll someday publish a self-help book, a guide to perfection. Heck, I can almost see her being an ambassador herself or marrying South Korea’s future president. She seems like the ideal First Lady, doesn’t she?

Well, whatever Seobaby decides to do with her life, I’m pretty sure that she’ll make incredible choices. So here’s one for Seo JooHyun, who makes the KPOP world a much better place.

  • Hira

    SeoHyun is seriously so perfect, it’s unbelievable! I’ve admired her from afar (meaning I never searched about her) for so long. She is so gorgeous and I’ve heard so much good stuff about her, I didn’t want to ruin the image I had of her in my head. But it seems that she is just as amazing of a person in real life as her reputation shows her to be.

    I commented! ;D

    • Janey

      That’s our Seohyun! She’s seriously so amazing. Though what I know of her is just based on what the media shows, she’s been consistently awe-inspiring for more than half a decade. :) Also, Dispatch keeps following her just to dig dirt on her image, but they always end up failing. Hehehe.

      Thank you!! :D Now I must do the same on your blog. Haha!

      • Hira

        I hope she continues to be this awesome!

        Haha! I’ll be waiting! ;)