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  • When Oppa Leaves for the Army

    reply 1997 sung shiwon

    image credit: dramabeans.com We’ve all seen those fangirls—the ones who send their oppars away to the army, the ones carrying the fansigns and bawling their eyes out as they listen to their bias greet them goodbye. We’ve seen how they cry as if it’s their own brother they’re sending away. I vowed not to be […]

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  • [MOVIE] Ao Haru Ride (2014)

    ao haru

    AO HARU RIDE (アオハライド) Alternative Title: Blue Spring Ride Director: Takahiro Miki Cast: Honda Tsubasa, Higashide Masahiro Genre: Romance One rainy afternoon, Yoshioka Futaba rushes towards a temple for shelter and there she meets the quiet Tanaka Kou. After sharing a few timid words, he offers her his gym clothes to dry herself from the rain before running off. From then on, […]